Walmart Black Friday Ads 2013, Will They Be Price Matching This Year?

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Walmart Black Friday Ads 2013 Will They Price Match This Year?

Walmart Black Friday Ads 2013 Will They Price Match This Year?

In years past Walmart has always price matched Black Friday ads. I have taken advantage of the Walmart Black Friday ad price match a few times as I did not want to have to travel to another store. That is how I bought my flat panel TV one year. If you have shopped like this in the past, the news I am about to share will be disappointing.

It looks as if Walmart will NOT be price matching Black Friday ads this 2013 Black Friday shopping year. Even though their ad match policy still does not say that it excludes it, they have a new Christmas-Ad-Match policy that does. I look for them to be updating the normal ad match policy any day now.

I tried to contact Walmart to get a little more clarification on this matter as there are two different polices saying two different things. However they only thing they would tell me is to just stay tuned for updates. Not really sure why it is so hard to just answer questions when you already have both polices posted on the Walmart site.

I will keep you updated with any new information that I find out. But as for now it looks like if you where looking forward to shopping at Walmart and price matching as I was, you may need to update your plans this year. Disappointed right? I know I sure am! But at least you can adjust your plans accordingly, now that you know and have some time.

Whats your take on the Walmart Black Friday Ads 2013 price match matter? Will you still shop Walmart this Black Friday with the new changes? Or will you just shop at the other stores? I would love to hear what you have to say about it, you can leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Vanessa says

    Honestly, one of the main reasons why I shop at Walmart on Black Friday is because of the price match. The main items I get are at Toys R Us and I don’t like to wait outside in the cold. I guess I won’t have a choice this year. Bad news for Walmart if this is true.

  2. Michelle Aungst says

    Looks like I will be shopping somewhere else as well. Too bad Walmart. No ad match means you are loosing tons of business. I have heard of sooo many people going to other stores for their sales. I am bummed, but must go where the bargins are!!!

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