What To Do With Leaves : Five Fun & Cool Things To Do With Leaves.

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What To Do With Leaves: Five Fun & Cool Things To Do With Leaves. Leaves are so fun, fresh, and above all, free! If you have a yard full of colorful....
Leaves are so fun, fresh, and above all, free! If you have a yard full of colorful and crunchy leaves, you have a wonderful resource at your fingers. Take a look below at some fun, frugal, and fantastic things to do with leaves. You won’t believe how many practical uses they have! Below you will find a list of what to do with leaves.

What To Do With Leaves, 5 Fun Things to Do With Them

1.Stuff a scarecrow.
Why not gather some old clothes and stuff them full of leaves? You will have a full grown scarecrow in no time ready to do its job.

2. Make massive pumpkins.
Find orange trash bags and stock them full of leaves. Keep packing them in until the bag is full and resembles a nice, round pumpkin. Then wrap the top where you tie it in green tape, use as yard décor.

3. Jump in them!
Kids can do this for hours. Rake a pile of leaves, stand back, and watch them jump in! You can even cover the pile with a soft blanket and take a snooze after all of that jumping.

4. Use for decoupage.
You can easily plaster leaves as decoration onto plates, cups, coasters, frames, bowls, and other hard surface items. Just lay the leaf flat and apply Mod Podge over it. That’s it!

5. Do leaf rubbings.
Place a leaf under a piece of white paper and rub over it with crayon. Soon you will see the outline of the leaf appear like magic. Then just display as instant art.

See what fun you can have with leaves from your own backyard? They are always in abundance, and so easy to use. So head out, gather your own, and try one of these fun things what to do with leaves. It is sure to be a fun time. Do you have any ideas of your own about what to do with leaves?

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