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Orange Uses:9 Different Household Ways To Use Oranges Around The House

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orange uses

Orange Uses 9 Different Ways

You have heard of uses for lemons around your home for cleaning and other household tasks, but did you know there are similar orange uses? They also have many other different uses too. In this post, you will discover 9 creative orange uses that you never knew existed!

1. Use as a sink cleaner. Just cut an orange in half and sprinkle a little salt in your sink. The mild abrasive salt mixed with the orange will not only clean it, but also get rid of grease and any funky smells.

2. Save orange peels and cut them small. Every month or so, put some in your garbage disposal. This will keep your disposal smelling clean and also help break up any grease that may be in there to stop a potential clog.

3. Orange peels work great for starting fire. If you have a wood burning stove, this will work much better than newspaper as the orange peels contain orange oil which will burn stronger and you get the added bonus of a nice scent.

4. Cats hate the scent of citrus. If you have plants that you want kitty to steer clear of, place orange rinds near the plants.

5. Keep trash odor at bay with orange peels. Just slip a dried orange peel in the bottom of your trash bin.

6. Make tea for headaches. Simple boil some dried orange peels and allow to steep like a tea. Add a bit of honey and soothe your headache away.

7. Make a neat candle holder by cleaning out an orange half of all fruit and add a tea light candle. The warmth from the candle will heat up the orange oil left in the peel and release an amazing and invigorating scent.

8. Stop buying expensive marble cleaner for your countertops. You can use a half an orange to clean it. When you are done, just wipe down with a damp cloth.

9. Make a delicious oil for salads. Just place fresh orange peels in a jar with a lid. Pour olive oil over the top and seal well. Place in fridge. In a couple weeks, you will have a great citrus oil for cooking and topping salads.

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