Wednesday’s Weekly Savings Tips: How To Clean Glass Cooktop Stove

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How To Clean Glass Cooktop Stove

How To Clean Glass Cooktop Stove

This weeks Wednesday’s Weekly Savings Tips is on, How To Clean Glass Cooktop Stove! Not sure what weekly tips are? You can read what they are about here.

The kitchen stove has evolved much over the past century. With wood burning models being the best you could have many years ago, now to the top of the line is electric or gas with tons of features. Timers, special modes, digital readouts, self cleaning and the list goes on and on. But inevitably, they all have one thing in common. They all need to be cleaned. The best and most careful cooks can attest to that. There will be spills no matter how careful you are. Especially when you use the glass top units. They don’t have an element you can quickly remove to wipe away grease and buildup. Being one big flat surface, they must be cooled down first. Below you will find a few tips on how to clean glass cooktop stove. These tips will not only save you a lot of time, they can save you a lot of money. There are tons of cleaners out there that can really add up. But they are really not needed to clean your stove fast and easy.

If you don’t know how to clean glass cooktop stoves, the spills will burn and build up a ridge so your pan cant sit flat. A good and economical way to clean it is with an Orange degreaser. Most dollar stores, including the chains like Dollar Tree, offer a few variants of these at a low price. For just light cleanings, a glass cleaner such as Windex will also work. When the glass is cool, just spray on your stove top and let it soak for a couple minutes. Most of it should wipe off easily with a small scrub sponge.

The stubborn hard areas, probably tough from being there a while, will come off easily with a glass scraper. Yes this is the same style scraper that you use to remove stickers or paint off your windows. It comes with a small handle and has a razor blade edge. With the cooktop still wet from your cleaner, lay the blade almost flat with the stove and scrape. You shouldn’t have to press to hard to clean glass cooktop. Just be sure to keep the blade low, and not upright like you would to cut open a box. After scraping, there may be some residue, so quickly spray it down again, and wipe off with a paper towel. Repeat this if necessary.

Another not so cheap, but good choice is regular glass stove top cleaner. This also works well at removing tough stains and usually will leave the surface with a nice shine. You still have to use a scraper for the dried on hard parts though.

By using a little elbow grease, and a couple of minutes, you will know how to clean glass cooktop that looks like you just picked it out at the showroom.

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