Eco-Orbies Review

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Have you ever heard of Eco-Orbies? I had not until now. I was given a chance to try them out and let me tell you these little things are AMAZING! When I first received my little package to try I was like what in the world could this little thing possibly do? I took them out of the package and they are about the size of of tiny beads. Not the big beads either, I am talking the size you cant even put a needle through. This is a picture of them right out of the package (In a martini glass).

Eco Orbies Review

I added the water like the directions said and let them soak. I could not believe when the size differences when I came back to look at them! They where about 10 times the size (See picture below)!

What are Eco-Orbies for? Well they are made to help retain water for plants and soil. This keeps them from drying out so quick. These little things not only help the plants it helps to conserve water. So you might be thinking well that’s great but I don’t want to have to keep buying a product just for my plants. Well not only are they helpful the are reusable! I am all about reusing things when you can.  You can do this by just keep adding water. If you have them in a vase or container for your flowers and get tiered of the color no problem! Just take them out and lay flat on a plate, paper towel or whatever in a few days they will dry out and you can store them until you are ready to use that color again or you get new flowers.

So would I recommend these? Absolutely!! I think they are a wonderful product. If you would like to get some you can find them at eco-orbies.com

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  1. Those are cute, plus you don’t have to worry about potting soil getting all over the place. There are a lot of different colors, so it is possible to customize the Eco-Orbies to the kind of plant you have. Great review!

  2. Wow! I didn’t even know something like this existed. Fighting the head in Florida this would definitely be a help.

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