How Leftovers Can Save You Money!

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You might wonder what do you do when a meal is finished? Most of us wrap up the leftovers and wash the dishes, but what do you do with the leftover portions? Do you use them later or do they sit in the refrigerator until they start to smell and you finally throw them out? If you tend to throw them out, how about saving some time and money! I will help you learn how to use those leftovers in new ways to surprise your family.

Some people like leftovers and others don’t. Many will only eat them one day out, but quickly get tired of eating the same thing over and over. Here’s a way to fix the problem and save on your grocery bill.Let’s start with an example.

You prepare a roasted pork loin and rice for dinner one night. The family wants something else for dinner the following night so the pork loin gets pushed to the back of the refrigerator. Normally, that’s where it will stay until you clean out the fridge, right? Not anymore. Let’s do something to keep that pork loin from going to waste.

Eating leftovers the way they were originally served, is probably why your family members are not wanting it again the next night. Your family doesn’t have to eat the pork loin as is. So, chop that pork loin up into bite size pieces.

Now you’re probably thinking, ok that’s great, but what do I do with it now? In a large skillet or wok, stir fry the leftover rice with a bag of frozen veggies, an egg, and some of the chopped pork loin to make pork fried rice. Add a little soy sauce and you’ve got a whole new dinner for your hungry family.

This is just one way that leftovers can be turned into a new dish with a new flavor. The same can also be done using chicken, seafood, or beef. Let’s take a look at beef.

If you have hamburgers left from dinner, chop them up until they resemble ground beef again. The meat can be combined with chili powder and taco sauce to make beef tacos. Or, add some beans, chopped peppers and tomatoes, and sauce to create a pot of chili. If you have the imagination, there are an unlimited number of possibilities of what you can do with meats and side dishes from a previous night’s dinner.

Using your leftovers can make one meal last for two, three, or even four more days. But, you don’t have to eat it all in the same week. Fix a new meal with the leftovers and freeze it until you are ready to have that particular meat again. On that day, dinner will already be made, all you’ll need to do is heat it up. Yes, it really can be just that simple.

Your family will be amazed at your ability to transform any meal into a new creation they will enjoy. Besides that, you will save money on your grocery bill and won’t be throwing it away in the trash can as spoiled leftovers. If you have any money saving tips to help save on your grocery bill feel free to post them below.

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