Jord Wood Watch Review, I Have Never Seen A Watch Like This Before!!

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Jord Wood Watch Top

Are you a watch wearing person? Most of us are.  But watches come in all shapes, sizes even formats.  But they basically are all the same.  Until now.  A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jord Wood Watches. They wanted to know if I would try out one of their watches to see what I thought. After seeing what they had to offer, I said sure! My first thought was, is there such a thing as a wood watch?? I was wondering how on earth it could be made from wood with such small links.

Jord Wood Watch Box

I was amazed by the beauty of the watch I got (Dover Koa & Black). Not only was the watch so detailed, it came in a wood box as well! The intricate design is not only on the outside, but the complex engineering inside makes it very appealing.  Making it a perfect gifting option, without even having to wrap it in paper. The feel of the watch is so smooth, it does not pinch your arm like some other watches.

Jord Wood Watch Pillow

When you order a Jord Wood Watch, they ask for the size of your wrist. That way they can send links to adjust it to your wrist size. You can either add them in yourself or take to a jeweler and have it done. I added them in myself, simply used a small screw driver to push the pins out (from the side that looks like it has a nut on it) then just added the links in and pushed it back together. They do also sell extra links if you ever needed to add another one in the future.

Jord Wood Watch Side

When wearing the watch, I love that you don’t even see the closing clasp. It looks like one continuous band around your wrist. Making it very attractive and comfortable to wear.

Jord Wood Watch Back

The next time you need a new watch, or just need a really nice gift for someone you should check out Jord Wood Watches. I am telling you, you will be AMAZED at the sheer beauty that these watches have.

Jord Wood Watch Arm

You may be thinking that these are only for men, right? Nope! They also have watches for women! Right now they currently have 32 watches to choose from. Making it a little hard to decide the one you like the most.

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