Campus Book Rentals, Great Way To Save On School Books And Help Those In Need!

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Campus Book Rentals

Campus Book Rentals, Great Way To Save On School
Books And Help Those In Need

If you have kids in college and are looking for ways to save on books, be sure to check out Campus Book Rentals. They are a great resource for campus books. You can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. Plus not only are they lower priced, you will get FREE shipping both ways!!

Worried about not being able to mark in the books? No worries! With Campus Book Rentals, you can highlight in the textbooks! Yes you read that right, you get to highlight in the books! So it is just like you bought your own books. Just with a lot less out of pocket compared to bookstore prices. They have a pretty large selection of books too. So you should be able to find most if  not all the books you are looking for.

Plus the most amazing thing about them is they are now working with Operation Smile!! That means for every textbook that is rented, they will make a donation to Operation Smile. What a great way to save and be able to help others at the same time. They are committed to donate a minimum of 80 additional surgeries this year. How awesome is that?? At least 80 kids will be able to smile and have happy lives, just from you renting books!

Want to know more on how the book rental thing works? Here is a video for you to watch, that will tell you more about Campus Book Rentals.

If you have never heard about Operation Smile, and are wondering why it is so great that Campus Book Rentals donates to them, check out this video. I have to warn you it may bring tears to your eyes, so grab a tissue.

What Operation Smile is about:

Did you tear up? I know I did the first time I watched it! So if you or someone you know is looking for ways to cut book costs, or simply want part of your money to go to a good cause, be sure to check out Campus Book Rentals.

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