Bic Products Review

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Bic Products

Bic has always been my go to brand when I need office supplies. It just works better. In fact it is the only brand my husband will use. He will even buy and take is own pens to work just so that he has them. That’s why when I was asked to do a review on some of their products I was more than happy to jump in!

They sent me five of their new products to try out. I received,

  • Bic Mark it
  • Bic For Her
  • Bic Wite Out Tape
  • Bic Atlantis Pens
  • Bic Velocity Gel Pens

Bic Review

Bic Mark It:

I love that it has a rubber grip on it just like pens. It makes it easy to hold/grip when you are writing. It works much like a fine point Sharpie as for the writing. Would be great for writing on boxes, files and that type of thing however it will bleed through paper.

Bic For Her:

It has great colors like purple (my favorite color if you did not know) with cool designs on the pen. With that being said I still prefer the their pens. I think this one does not write as smooth as the others.

Bic Wite Out Tape:

Love it! Oh my gosh, I have heard about Wite Out tape but had never tried it. Let me tell you after you try it you will not go back to normal Wite out. With normal Wite Out you always had to deal with clumping and waiting for it to dry. The tape goes on nice and smooth and you do not have to wait for it to dry.

Bic Atlantis Pens:

Very light almost feels like you are holding air. It has a nice light rubber feeling coating for your hand to grip without sliding. Very easy to click and writes smooth. Keeps a steady ink line with no skips, to keep your writing nice.

Bic Velocity Gel Pens:

I love these! The Velocity is the closest to a real ink pen I have found. It write very smooth and keeps a steady line of ink. It has a thick rubber grip to hold to keep your hand from sliding. Bic has out done themselves again with this pen!

Now my only issue with these products is to keep them away from my hubby. Well ok maybe I will share one or two but the rest are mine…lol

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  1. The Velocity Gel pens are my absolute favorite. The hard part is making sure customers don’t take them off my desk. lol

  2. Thanks for the review. I love gel pens…they write so smoothly and are the best pens I’ve seen for writing at all angles, even upside-down 🙂

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