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The “FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD” company recently sent me some of their products to review. I received 5 bags of their chips. The bags were as follows:
Salt and Pepper Sweet Potato Chips, Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips, Barbeque Sweet Potato Chips, Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Lime Tortilla Corn Chips.

First of all I tried was the Salt and Pepper Sweet Potato chips. These were very good. The sweet potato was dominant with its natural flavor without too much salt or pepper.

Second I tried was the Barbeque. These also were very good. This sweet potato flavor is a different but delicious way to enjoy that barbeque aroma and taste.

Third I tried was the Salt and Vinegar. Again, the right amount of additional flavor to the sweet potato is essential to the success of these chips. They nailed it. A sweet tasting snack with a little bit of a bite.

Fourth I tried was the Blue Corn Tortilla. This on I personally had reservations with as it just did not appear to be one I would find tasty. I was wrong. The rich flavor of blue corn was a pleasant surprise. It reminded me of a much more expensive tasting chip from a popular mexican restaurant. This was turned out to be my personal favorite due to the milder taste, but not falling short on being flavorful. Especially if you do what I did and add a little black bean and corn salsa.

And finally the last chip was the Lime Tortilla. These had just the right amount of lime added to them. You could tast it but it was not over powering the tortilla corn flavor. I also had these with the white corn and black bean salsa and it was great togather.

These chips are great and healthy way to snack. You can find them at most grocery stores or you can always check out the Food Should Taste Good website.

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