Make Over Porch

Make Over Your Patio Or Porch For Under $50, Easy DIY Make Over To Try

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Make Over Porch

If you are on a budget these days, you may think that your outdoor patio may need to wait until next summer to be freshened up. After all, the cost of seating, decorations, plants, and other fun and fresh items cost a lot of money, right? Well, they can. But they don’t have to! If you spend a great deal of time relaxing on your patio, or if you want to start to, you owe it to yourself to get it looking its best. You don’t need a big budget to do this make over, in fact if you shop smart and plan well you can easily update your own porch or patio for just pennies. Take a look below at how to do your own design on a dime and make over your patio for under $50.00. Take a look!

How to Make Over Your Patio for Under $50:

1. Look for cast offs.
Hit up local garage sales and thrift stores for inexpensive seating. Even if you don’t care for the color of the seating, if it is wicker, plastic, or metal it can be spray painted. Budget yourself $20.00 for seating and stick to it. Two simple chairs to kick up your feet is all you need.

2. Add some soft textiles.
Pillows make any space more cozy. Find pillows made of weather resistant fabric, or better yet make your own from a vinyl tablecloth! If you make your own, you can make a pair for as low as $5.00!

3. Add inexpensive yet whimsical touches.
Garden sculptures, pretty flower pots, and other lawn décor items can make your porch look charming. Use items you already have around the home, or visit your local dollar store or thrift stores for these items. Allow yourself a budget of $10.00 for accent pieces.

4. Don’t forget fresh plants.
Allow yourself a budget of $10.00 for fresh flowers and plants to give your space some life. Annuals in flower pots will look great and add tons of color, as will a hanging basket. Use the accent pots mentioned earlier to showcase your plants and flowers if you wish.

5. Get ready to sip!
With your remaining $5.00, purchase a few fun and colorful tumblers to enjoy your summer beverages in. There will be nothing more delightful than sitting on your fresh new patio and taking in the summer air with a cold drink in your hand.

See how easy it is to make over your porch or patio? You don’t need to be rich or a professional decorator, you just need to be creative, set this budget, and stick to it! In no time you can have a fun, fresh, and functional patio all ready to enjoy!

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