Cheap Date Night Ideas

Cheap Date Night Ideas: Frugal Way To Have A Cheap And Fun Date Night!

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Cheap Date Night Ideas

Cheap Date Night Ideas

Dating” means different things to different people, particularly across generations. Dating is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two people with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a spouse. It also can just mean spending one on one time with your spouse, to keep a healthy relationship. While the term has several meanings, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple. But dating can be costly, so more and more people are looking for cheap date night ideas.

Here are some great tips for having a date night that does not break the bank. Below you will find 20 cheap date night ideas.

Marathon Training
Break out of your normal dinner and being couch potatoes date routine and start training together.

The faux-peril of putting underneath the churning windmill blades makes this way more fun than real golf (all it has is sand traps!), in our opinion.

Photo Session
Head outside to enjoy the warm spring air and take some pics. Who cares how silly you two can get? You’re only young and in love once!

Relive the Past
Have a stay-at-home nostalgia fest. Plan a decadent meal and dine in on the sofa. Watch your wedding video together or flip through your wedding album and honeymoon photos. Talk one new thing you’ve discovered about each other since you said “I do.”

Art Gallery
Most art galleries are free to browse, so check out the latest and greatest by artists in your area. Galleries usually introduce new exhibitions once a month that are debuted with free wine and cheese. Free hors d’oeuvres!

Free Concerts
Check your local paper or its website for upcoming free concerts. For shows in the park, pack a picnic basket and blanket so you can dance and dine in the same place. This is one of the cheap date night ideas that I love!

Even for couples living in a city, a wooded area or hiking trail is almost always within a 30-minute drive. Pack your hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, two large bottles of water and a small snack (unless you’ll be hiking all day, in which case, go all out with sandwiches). Find trails near you on

Street or County Fair
Whether it’s a pie bake-off on a farm or a falafel stand in the city, street and county fairs are great places to sample food and soak up the local flavor.

Roller Blading
If you own skates, make like the fitness buffs on the boardwalks of Cali and head outside to blade. Make sure you wear a helmet!

Park Date
Have you ever had the urge to go back to being a kid again? Just for one night it’s fun to convince your spouse/significant other to head to a local park and act just like kids! Swing, hike the trails, go down the slides… believe it or not it’s really a good time! Some parks even let you bring your pets! It’s nice sometimes just to get out and take a walk and explore new scenery! Plus a date night at the park is completely FREE!

Rent a Movie
Sure it’s simple, but sometimes snuggling up on the couch together and watching a good love story is all you two need to reconnect. You can rent from Redbox making this a super cheap idea. Sometimes you can even find FREE codes!

Minor League Games
Buy tickets for seats farther in the back of the stadium and you’ll spend as little as $8 a piece. Standing room goes for even less at about $4 per person. You might even be able to get FREE tickets. Often the minor league sports will offer FREE tickets.

Dog Park
Grab your pooch and head to a local dog park. Not only is it fun for the three of you, it’s also a great way to make new couple friends!

Feed The Birds
Grab a $1 loaf of bread from somewhere like Aldi’s head to your nearest river or lake and feed the birds. My husband and I do this one all the time. It is a great way to spend some one on one time with your spouse and nature.

Drive Inn
Pack some drinks in a cooler and some snacks and head to the drive inn. Tickets a usually cheaper than going to a theater and you can bring your own food. Nothing better than snuggling in a blanket at the drive inn with the one you love.

Eat Out
You might be thinking, but that is not cheap. Well it can be! Plane your date night when a good coupon comes out to a nice restraint. This way you can still have the pleasure of eating somewhere nice but with out such a high cost.

Star Gazing
This is one of my favorite cheap date night ideas. No matter where you are there are always stars. Head to a park that is open at night or even just your back yard. Lay a blanket down and just spend time with each other looking at the stars. This is not only of the cheap date night ideas it is a FREE one. This is great for those summer night dates.

Go Fishing
Are you a couple that enjoy nature? If so, here is a perfect cheap date night ideas for you. Grab your tackle box and polls and go fishing. I personally love this one.

Game Night
This one you gals might not have thought about. If your spouse loves video games, find one that you can play together. This is a big hit men! You may even already have a game and not have to rent one making this cheap date night ideas, really kind of FREE.

Go For A Swim
If you have a pool, set some time aside so that just you and your spouse can go for a swim together. If you don’t have a pool, no worries. Just head to the lake, pond or river or even your tub 😉 This is one of those cheap date night ideas for the summer months, might be a little to cold for this one in the winter, unless you are using the tub.

Whatever you choose to do for your cheap date night ideas, remember just to have fun! The whole reason for date night is to have some fun and one on one time with the one you love. Try to have a date night at least one or two times a month. Marriage and relationships can take a lot of hardships, date nights are a great way to replenish your connection you have to one another.

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