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Reuse Old Boots: Seven Creative Uses That Reuse or Upcycle Old Boots!!

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reuse old boots upcycle

Reuse Old Boots

Just like clothing, kids go through shoes like it is nobody’s business! Because of that you might have a slew of old rain boots that have accumulated in the closet over the years. Not to mention that I own a few pairs myself, never able to turn down a colorful pair when I see them on my garage sale adventures. When your closet becomes quite over run with all of those boots, you might wonder what you should do with them. Don’t just throw them out, instead start finding ways to reuse them. Who knew that old boots could have so many uses? I sure didn’t. Below, you will find 7 creative uses for old boots that you can try. You just might be surprised how versatile these boots really are.

7 Creative Uses To Reuse Old Boots:

1. Make a garden planter.
Probably one of my favorites, you simply fill the boots with rocks for drainage, add soil, and plant your flowers directly into the boot. The finished product is whimsical and unique planter sure to catch attention.

2. Paint them.
Have the kids turn their boots into works of art! You can prime first if you wish, and then allow them to paint according to their own wishes. Display as you would any home décor.

3. Make a doorstop.
Reuse your old boots by filling them with rocks to weigh it down. Then place by an entryway so you always have a cute doorstop on hand when you need one. Brilliant!

4. Make an umbrella holder.
Take a larger pair of boots and weight them down with a single brick. You can then keep it by your front door and keep your umbrellas or walking sticks stored in it. Cute huh?

5. Confuse would be thieves.
This one is a great way to reuse your old boots. Really good for anyone who lives alone. Set several pairs of boots, especially large men’s boots by the front door. If a would be thief is peaking in they may decide to go look elsewhere once they know many people, including a large man, live at the house!

6. Save for garden work/puddle splashing.
Keep an assortment of old boots by your back door so when the kids have guests over, they can throw on a pair and go play in the garden or mud. They might be a bit big, but it’s all for fun!

7. Use as a vase.
You can easily slip a vase inside the boot where it will remain hidden. You can then fill the boot with flowers or other greenery and display on your table. It makes a fun centerpiece for parties, garden get togethers, showers, and so much more.

If you don’t happen to have any boots around your home at this time, you can always check out your local thrift store or garage sales. You might even be able to find a cheap pair on eBay. You are sure to find some fun and colorful options for a song. Plus, this is a great way to start experimenting. So gather your old boots and give some of these fun and frugal tips and tricks a try. You will be just as surprised as I was about how many ways an old pair of boots can really come in handy!

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