Upcycle DIY Craft Tank Top To Sundress
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Upcycle DIY: No Sew, Turn An Old Tank Top Into A Little Girls Sundress

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Upcycle DIY Craft Tank Top To Sundress

Upcycle DIY Craft

I can’t tell you how many times I have been thrifting and found an adorable tank top, only to see it was not my size. The colors would be bright, the pattern perfect, but it just would not fit me. Or, if it did fit me, a few years down the line I would find that it just no longer matched my wardrobe or current clothing size. So back into the donation box it would go! Pretty soon, I decided I wanted to find another way to use these tank tops, and so I started experimenting. My sewing is not the best, and I am not exactly a crafting goddess, so I needed to find something that could be done simply. What I came up with was this simple, fun, and frugal Upcycle DIY Tank Top Children’s Sundress.

You don’t have to be a crafting goddess either to whip one of these up on your own. You just need a little imagination and a great tank top! Take a look at how you can make this Upcycle DIY craft this weekend!

Upcycle DIY: How to Turn an Old Tank Top into a Sundress

Supplies Needed:
*An old adult sized tank top. Use one you already have or visit your local thrift store. You want something that when held up to the child falls at about knees length.
* An iron
* Iron on adhesive tape (found at most craft stores, also called “no sew tape”)
* Safety Pins
* Length of ribbon (it should complement the colors in the tank top)
* Optional embellishments such as colorful buttons

Once you gather your supplies, you will also want to gather the child this sundress will go on. You will want to use them as a model to make sure you make the dress the correct fit.

Upcycle DIY Directions:
1. Hold the tank top up to the child. If it falls to their knees, continue to step two. If not, use your iron on tape to shorten the hem. Just fold the hem of the shirt to the desired length, insert your iron on hem tape (between the folds), and iron into place.
2. Place the tank top on the child. You will notice that it gaps under the arms and at the chest. To remedy this, you will need to pull the fabric towards the back. Go ahead and gently pull towards the back.
3. You will now have a large bunching of fabric on the child’s shoulder blades. Manipulate it into soft folds and secure with your safety pins.
4. Remove the dress from the child. Apply no sew adhesive tape to the folds and iron so that the fabric stays bunched, allowing the front of the tank to appear fitted.
5. Now, take your ribbon. Loop it through the two arms and tie into a bow over your folded extra fabric. It will help not only cover it, but pull the tank a tad more to offer a more appropriate fit.
6. If there is still gaping, look under the arms. You can always create another fold under the arms and add more iron on tape to secure the piece.
7. Finish by adding any colorful buttons, iron ons, or embellishments you wish! Have fun, and be creative!

Remember to have patience. This project might take a few attempts to get right, but once you do you will have a fun and frugal sundress that any little gal would love to own. Sundresses at your local retail shop will cost you an easy $20.00 and up, but when you Upcycle DIY an old tank top instead you can whip one up for just a few dollars. These are great to wear for everyday outdoor play, as a bathing suit cover up, or even for a picnic or party!
So go dig out an old tank that doesn’t fit anymore, or browse your local thrift store for a fun and colorful one that you think would be perfect for this DIY. In no time at all and with very little resources, you too can whip up one of these darling sundresses!

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