How to Save: Using your Freezer

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How to Save Using your Freezer

How to Save: Using your Freezer

If you are a couponer, you often come across wonderful deals. You can buy these items as stock your freezer for next to nothing. However it only saves us money if we do not let those items go to waste.

Here are a few ways you can use your freezer to help you save on you grocery bill:

1. Stock up on frozen foods when they go on sale. There were a few times over the last year that Morningstar Farms products (my vegetarian meat of choice) went on BOGO sale, and there were some great coupons to match! I ended up getting them for around $1 a package (regularly $4), which is a HOT deal! So, I stocked up – my chest freezer FULL, and that lasted us almost the entire year!

2. Speaking of chest freezers, if you have room for one (in a garage, carport or basement) and you find a good deal, get one!  You can store SO many more products when you have the extra freezer space. I got mine from a friend, and it been the best appliance I have. I put the items I use most often in the freezer above my fridge and then stock the chest freezer with all my deals.

3. Freeze meats. Every so often, there is a FABULOUS deal on fresh chicken, and I grab a bunch of packages to freeze. This way any dish I need to make I do not have to run out and buy chicken.

4. Freeze fruits and veggies. You can freeze a ton of foods, including many fruits and veggies! For example, I like to grab several pounds of peppers when they go on sale, and then freeze most of them. I have peppers to last for several months, and I’ve avoided paying full price for them! Check out are list freezable fruits.

5. Make your own popsicles. This is a great money-saver for the summer! Popsicles can be expensive, so make your own by using a popsicle mold and juice!

6. This is the MOST important step in saving money with your freezer. When you buy items from a new sale do not use them right away. Instead write the date on it and throw them in the freezer. Then use one of the same products you already have in the freezer. By doing that you keep rotating the stockpile. This allows us to use the items up before the spoil. If we don’t use them and end up throwing them out, then we really have not saved any money.

What are some of your tips to save money by using your freezer? Please feel free to leave a comment!

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