Save On Things Like Carpet By Using Coupons

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Save On Things Like Carpet By Using Coupons

Save On Things Like Carpet By Using Coupons

Can you save money with coupons on things other then groceries? The answer is yes you can. Read this post to find out how I saved over $558 on my living room carpet.

We wanted to put carpet in our living room, so we started looking around. We first started out by looking at ads from Lowe’s and Home Depot. At first we thought we might have found a good deal at Lowe’s as they were running a special of buy a certain brand of the carpet get the insulation Free.

Well as it turns out that is not always the best way to go. With specials, sometimes if you are not careful deals like that can end up costing way more. If we would have bought that special it would have cost us a little over $900 for the style of carpet and pad we wanted.

Then we started looking around at places that carry remnants. This is a great way to save big. Remnants are often about half the price of getting it cut off a roll. The place we ended up getting one from Onondaga Carpets. We found they had the best variety of the longer fringe style that we wanted.

But what about using coupons you say? Well in the local papers you can find coupons for local places like carpet stores and just about anything. We used a coupon that gave us 20% off any remnant. That saved us $62.80 on the carpet.

For the padding we found the best price for a moisture barrier pad to be at a Bargain Outlet store. This store again was about half the price of getting it from a big name chain store. They also had a coupon that you could print from the online ad for $20 off $100.

By shopping around and using coupons we ended up paying $440.39. That even included paying someone to install it. So our total savings was over $558!!

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