Money Saving Tip: Charging Station!

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In this electronic age we all have personal cell phones, bluetooths, iPads, iPods and what ever else you charge. Did you know that when you have all those plugged in that are taking power even when they are not charging?

The best way to save on that power consumption would be to unplug it each time your are done. But who wants to unplug all of them each time they finish charging? I have way to many to keep up with in my house, to have to find the right cord each time I need to charge something. Who has time for that?

Well the second best way is to make a charging station that is easy to get to. Make sure that you use a strip that has a turn off button. Then plug what you use the most into that strip. Each time you are done just turn off the switch. Its as easy as that, no more power suckers!

The cords that I don’t use as much, I put a label on them and put them in a basket right next to the charging station. That way when I do need them I don’t have to search for them.

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