How To Find Discount Auto Parts

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How To Find Discount Auto Parts

How To Find Discount Auto Parts

What is one of the most expensive item the average home needs? A good running car! For many inner city people, public transportation is a great alternative. Considering owning and parking a vehicle with city limits can cost you over $600 a month. But for most of us rural residents, our car is our means to make our money. Without it, there is no job. Keeping it maintained is a challenge. Something always decides to break at the most inopportune time, making it hard to afford to fix it. That is when it is handy to know how to find discount auto parts.

Thankfully, our friend, the internet, provides us with some very nice savings and ways on how to find discount auto parts, from some of the most popular stores. Large chains such as Advance Auto Parts offer discounts just for shopping online. Usually 15% or more on your complete purchase. However what most people don’t know, there is another source for savings. Coupon sites such as Retailmenot .com and have discounts that can be up to 40% off! Just enter in the name of the store you wish to make a purchase from, and they will show you a coupon code to that you can apply at checkout for a greater savings. Other major parts companies try to offer some discounts, some aren’t too bad but I’ve found that Advance Auto is usually the best.

Some car owners like to visit junkyards for discounted parts. The savings sometimes can be much more that even a good auto parts store. But then you are subjected to a limited amount of parts depending on the size of the junkyard. One avenue I’ve used and liked a lot is the “Pull it Yourself” junkyard. Usually for a fee (around a dollar) you can feel free to browse their yard for your model car, and with bringing your own tools, remove the part yourself, so you’re sure its what you need. This is extremely handy for those hard to find parts such as glove boxes, car seats, dash pieces, and other interior parts that a normal store will not carry. If you’re more experienced with auto mechanics, and need an engine or transmission, and can remove it yourself, you will pay a fraction of what a garage will charge you.

For all of us who own a car, getting it on the road is quite an expense. We all will have breakdowns, no matter what kind of car we have. Hopefully, with some of these avenues, we can keep our cars running great without breaking our wallet. The key trick is just knowing how to find discount auto parts!

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