Shop clearance sale

How Shopping Clearance Sale Will Save You Money That Adds Up Over Time

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Shop clearance sale

Do you know those kinds of people who are always bragging about what a great clearance sale they found? Don’t you wish you could shop like them and clean up on hot deals? Well the truth is, you can! Shopping clearance sales does not need to be a mystery or tricky by any means, you just need to know a few simple tips and tricks. Take a look below at how to shop clearance and save big. Then, you can be the friend who is always bragging about a great deal!

How to Shop Clearance Sale and Save:

1. Shop “day after” sales.
Many and most clearance sales are not advertised. One of the easiest ways to find one is to shop the day after a major holiday. When you shop “day after” sales you will easily be able to find items at least 50% off their regular price. Stores like Target and Walmart are famous for these sales!

2. Shop end caps.
End caps are the displays that are at the end of the aisle, usually facing the less busy end of the store. These end caps are often full of items reduced for quick sale. You can typically score items for 50% off and more when you shop end caps. So next time you are shopping, don’t just shop in the aisle, shop the end of it too.

3. Look for bright colors.
Clearance sales are almost always signified with bright colors and bright stickers. When shopping, keep your eyes peeled for bright price tags that indicate a clearance price. This can help you weed out the sale items a lot faster.

4. Price check your purchases.
Look for a price scanner in the store so you can scan the price of your purchases. Some items may be on clearance and you don’t even know it. Or, a clearance item could be marked down even more. Scan your items first so you know what you real savings will be.

5. Stock up.
When you do find a clearance, stock up as though you won’t get the chance to shop that clearance again. Do you know why? Because you won’t! It is now or never.

When you follow these tips, you can easily be a pro when it comes to shopping clearance sales! You will also be saving so much money by not paying retail prices. When you shop nothing but sales and clearance, if you added it up over a year the amount you save on the difference between retail and clearance sale will be shocking.


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