Saving With Reusing: Curtain Holdbacks / Tiebacks

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Do you need something to hold your curtains back? Or do you just want a new look? either way you can still get a look that’s not going to cost you anything or vary little.

I don’t know if you have looked at the prices for good tiebacks yet but they can be vary pricey. So when I was looking to get some for my living room, I did not want to pay $15 or more on each window. So what I did is used plate holders. If you don’t have plate holders that you can reuse you can often find them at yard sales and in dollar stores.

What I did is just turned it sideways and screwed it to my window frame. Not a bad way to reuse something and to be cheap without looking cheap 😀

I just found this site and it has such a cool idea for window tiebacks. I love this idea I think I am going to do this in my kitchen. They are using spoons and forks for tiebacks. You can see how to do it over here.

(Photo credit Country Living)

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