Box full of fresh produce

How To Save On Produce

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Did you know you can save on produce? There are a few different ways to get the best bang for your buck when you are buying fresh fruits and vegetables.

You just need to learn how so I am going to share a few tips.

Box full of fresh produce

How To Save On Produce

Having fresh produce in the house is not only a tasty snack and meal options but it is also healthy. To have the family stay happy and healthy it starts with good foods.

Often when budgets get tight, fresh produce is one of the first to get cut back as it can be costly.

So to avoid doing that so you can keep your family eating healthy, read over these tips on how to save on produce.

Buy In Season Sales & Preserve:

One way you can save is to shop in season or at farmer’s markets. Did you know that a lot of vegetables and a few fruits can be frozen, canned, or dehydrated?

When you buy in the season chances are things will be on sale. You can save on produce by shopping the sales and getting stuff cheap.

So buy extra and preserve it, then take it out as you need it.

Coupons & Rebates:
Use coupons or rebates to save.

It is not too often we see coupons on fresh produce but they do come around from time to time.

Or you may see a coupon for a bulk discount at the store you shop at like maybe Save $10 when you spend $30. Use those to stock up on produce.

You can also sometimes find coupons/cashback offers for produce in a few apps. Two of my favorites are Ibotta and Checkout51.

Discounted Subscription Boxes:

There are lots of different subscription boxes to join these days. Some even send fresh produce to your door so you not only save money but you save time as well.

One of the best ones I have found to have the best produce prices is the Misfits Market subscription.

This is a produce subscription you sign up for to have it delivered to your door on a weekly or biweekly schedule.

You select the size box that fits your needs. With this one, some of the produce may be slightly misshaped or not perfect for the stores but totally just as fresh.

Grow Your Own:
One of the best ways and most enjoyable ways to save on produce is to grow your own! Even if you do not have a lot of land you can still grow a good amount of produce.

There are tons of fruits and vegetables that grow great in raised gardens, pots, and even indoors. I love to grow things like herbs and lettuce indoors in the winter too.

Now that you know how to save on produce, here are some other money-saving tips to check out.

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