Ad#GoodLife Doing Good vs Taking Care Of The Bad, Do You Live By That?

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Doing Good

Have you seen any of the Allstate’s commercials? I have been noticing that they are promoting “Good Hands for the Good Life”, that is something different for an insurance company. The Allstate commercial tells you how there are risks everywhere, but yet we still try doing good things without the fear of risk holding us back. Here it is, just in case you have not seen it.

It’s nice to see an insurance company like Allstate who creates more doing good vs. take care of the bad. They would rather see and help you make good choices then to just come in and fix things when you make mistakes.

That’s kinda like a parent and a child. Wouldn’t you as a parent much rather see your kid do good things and praise them for it, then having to show them their mistakes?

Yes, in life we have to deal with lots of adversity, fear or doubt. But that is what makes us the person we are today. I mean, I personally have endured some hardships. As you may know I am a southern girl, but moved here to NY when I got married, as this is where my husband is from. Was it easy? No not at all I had to start from the ground up making new friends, finding a job and just learning how to get around town. But if  I would not have done that,  I might not be living this good life I have now. Who knows I might not have even started blogging.

Have you had something that you have had to deal with in your life that was hard to do, but yet has made you a better person? Feel free to leave a comment and share a little about your story.

I think I am going to start looking at life and things in it, the way Allstate Good Life does. Try to doing good instead of just worrying about all the bad that could happen.

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