Dinner Idea: Italian Chicken With Pasta, Only Cost About $1Per Serving

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dinner idea chicken and pasta
Looking for a dinner idea? Try making this recipe for italian chicken and pasta. It not only is super tasty its easy and cheap to make. If you are on a budget this dinner idea only costs about $1 per serving. Depending on portion size of course. This is pretty much a one dish meal as it has all your protein, veggies and italian carbs in one. The only thing I would maybe serve with it is some garlic bread or maybe some italian rolls. Ok I won’t keep rambling and will share the recipe, here you go.

Italian Chicken and Pasta Dinner Idea

About $6.00 to make
Serves 6 (depending on serving size)
Prep. Time 5 min
Cook Time approx. 20 min

What You Need

1 chicken breast
1 pkg regular size angel hair
1-cup stir-fry frozen veggies
1 small can mushroom halves
¼ cup Italian dressing
2 cups shredded cheese
Water for pasta

How To Make:

1. Put chicken breast into deep skillet with lid, add olive oil if needed.
Cover and let simmer on medium heat for 5 min.
2. Add veggies and mushrooms, cover and let cook until veggies are tender
and chicken is done.
3. While veggie mixture is cooking, cook pasta until done.
4. Drain pasta
5. Mix dressing with pasta and divide into 6 and place on plates.
6. Cut up chicken into strips or chunks and mix with veggie mixture. Divide to top pasta and top with your favorite cheese. Serve and enjoy your dinner!

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