Hydrogen Peroxide: Five Uncommon Uses You Might Not Know It’s Good For

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Hydrogen Peroxide five uses

Hydrogen Peroxide: Five Uncommon Uses You Might Not Know It’s Good For

Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing thing. Not only is it a chemical that is naturally found in the human body, but it is also naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Most everyone has used Hydrogen Peroxide to clean a cut, brush your teeth, or highlight your hair. While these are all fantastic uses of Hydrogen Peroxide, there are so many other fantastic things that you can do with it. Here are five frugal things that this everyday product can do.

1.) Brighten your dingy looking kitchen linoleum or hardwood floors by using half a cup of Hydrogen Peroxide in a gallon of hot water. Go to town on the floor and you are done! There is no need to wipe clean as it is not harmful.

2.) Clean children’s toys and surfaces with Hydrogen Peroxide. It’s safer than using bleach and a great alternative for those with asthma or other respiratory problems. Spray toys, door handles, tables, and even bedrolls with undiluted peroxide and wipe clean. It leaves no smell like bleach does, and it is significantly safer.

3.) Spray a mixture of ½ cup water and 1 Tbs. Hydrogen Peroxide to a bottle and spritz left over salad. Cover your salad and put it back in the fridge. This will prevent wilting of your salad when you’ve made too much or you have purchased bagged salad and can’t eat it all at once.

4.) Help remove or prevent foot fungus and soften calluses, corns, and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes on your feet by using a 50/50 Hydrogen Peroxide solution to soak your feet in. Soak for 20 minutes in solution making sure to get between the toes. Allow to air dry to prevent spreading anything by using towels. The skin on your feet will feel softer, look better, and feel better after a week of use.

5.) Help boost dishwasher sanitization by adding half a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide to your regular dishwashing detergent. You can also add 2 ounces directly to the dishwasher to clean out any gunk that tends to build up in the trap to help clean and sanitize.

Bet you did not know that Hydrogen Peroxide had so many different uses. Not only is a useful product it is super cheap making it a very frugal tool to have around. You can even often get it for FREE or next to nothing. I know Walmart carries the Curad brand for $0.68 a bottle and there is almost always a $0.50/1 Curad product coupon available making it only $0.18 a bottle. So cheap for such a handy tool to have around!

What do you use Hydrogen Peroxide for? I would love to hear any other tips it may be good for that I did not cover here.

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