Follow My Diet / Lifestyle Change Series Update

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Follow My Diet  Lifestyle Change

Follow My Diet / Lifestyle Change Series

I am sure you all are wondering if I have stopped my dieting as I have not posted about it for a few weeks now. I am still on track but things have just been so crazy I have not been able to write it down.

As I know some of you already know a few weeks ago I had to make a trip down south for my sister who went on life support and she ended up passing away Sunday April 27th. Because of that I was always on the go to and from the hospital with much of my time spent at the hospital. So I did not get to write what I was eating down. I tried to stay within my points while eating out and making healthy choices when possible. I did however lose a few pounds over those weeks.

I am back home now and things are starting to get back to normal. I will be back to writing everything I am eating and doing for exercise down in my notebook and will type it up for you next Monday. Here is where I am to date.

Lost To Date: 12 lbs

Be sure to come back next Monday and find out how the week went. You will be able to find all of my posts for this series here.

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