New Series Coming To Couponing for Freebies. Follow My Diet / Lifestyle Change!

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Follow My Diet  Lifestyle Change

My Diet / Lifestyle Change

I thought I would share with you a new series that I will be starting here at Couponing for Freebies. I know it may be a little odd as it is not about coupons or deals. It is not even about being frugal. However it is something that I will be working on in my life and thought I would blog about it and share it with the rest of you.

Starting tomorrow I will be starting my diet/lifestyle change. So you can look forward to the first post of the series to start on Monday 3/31/14. This will be a weekly post series on my dieting/lifestyle change. This series comes from the need of me wanting to be more healthy, and yes to take off some weight at the same time.

Now in this series I will not be sharing what my weight is, but I will share weekly on how much I have lost. I will also share what I am eating through out the week as well as what I am doing for exercise. I am not sure how long this series will be as I have a long road ahead of me. I know it will take a while as I am not doing this a a crash diet but just making changes and limits. I know I can do this and I want to do it right. Not just a quick fix that will not last.

If you are someone looking to get more healthy too or even take a few pounds off please feel free to join me on my journey. If you just have any helpful tips or ideas I would love to hear those as well.

Be sure to come back next Monday 3/31/2014 and see how my first week went. See ya in a week!

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  1. Crystal,
    Glad I got the chance to meet you this weekend at Blogging Concentrated! Good luck on your changes, sounds like you are motivated to succeed.

    1. Thanks Anne! Yes it was nice to meet you as well. There are so many local bloggers that I did not even know about. Now I have been making my rounds checking out everyones sites. Oh and I love your new addition to your family. It was so nice of you to choose to rescue and not just buy. Takes a big heart tot do that.

  2. Misty and I are in!!!!!!
    Myra’s in…shes juicing 1 meal a day!
    Oh and we just got Hip Hop Abs….lol….but I haven’t opened it yet….will it work setting on the self?

    1. AWESOME! The more the merrier! I am on my 5th day now and will be posting on Monday what all I have done this week. As for the Hip Hop abs, LOL I don’t think it will work if it stays in the box.

  3. The iPhone app “lose it” helped me lose 15 lbs…it makes you accountable for everything you eat and helped me make smarter choices

    1. That sounds cool Tyisha! I wonder if they make it for Droids? I guess I will have to search my app market to find out. Thanks for the tip!

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