Don’t Want To Use Coupons? Learn Some Tips How To Save Without Coupons

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how to save without coupons

Couponing takes time. Don’t have a lot of time to scour your favorite websites for matchups for the stores where you shop? There are still ways how to save without coupons! Below you will find seven tips on how to do that, lets take a look.

How To Save Without Coupons

1. Shop the sales. One grocery store in my area has a TON of BOGO deals every week. Even if you don’t look for coupons to match up with the sales, you’ll still save 1/2 off with the sale.

2. Find the cheapest price. This is related to the tip above. If one store tends to have higher prices and you need something that’s not on sale, make a trip to the store that has lower regular prices. If you have a Aldi or a Save A Lot around you, both have some really cheap prices.

3. Menu plan. Knowing what you’re going to eat each week makes it easier to know what you need to buy. Plan out what you want to make around what’s on sale to save money.

4. Eat your stockpile. Have you been couponing and now are feeling burned out? If you’ve built up a good stockpile, spend some time eating off that. It will give you a break from couponing, and it will save you money because you really should only have to buy milk and produce.

5. Buy generic. If you don’t coupon, buying generic usually ends up being cheaper than buying the name brand products, and is a great way how to save without coupons. And, in most cases, I’ve found the generic version to taste exactly the same as the name brand.

6. Shop the dollar stores. Shopping at dollar stores can save you big bucks on items like hand soap, cleaning products, toothbrushes and toothpaste, among other items, if you don’t coupon. Buy these items at Dollar Tree, and you’ll pay only $1 per item! You can also buy canned and pre-packaged food at Dollar Tree and, in some cases, even bread! I have a hard time getting bread for under $1 even WITH coupons, so I’m now getting mine at the dollar store!

7. Check the clearance section. One of my grocery stores recently created a clearance section in the front by customer service, and that’s my first stop every time I go by. There’s no telling what you’ll find in your store’s clearance section. My favorite was cheap makeup, $2 toilet paper and a HUGE bag of cat food for $5!

Do you have other tips on how to save without coupons? I would love to hear them, let us know in the comments!

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