video gaming save money on video games

Video Gaming: Easy Tips On How To Save Money, When You Buy Video Games

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video gaming save money on video games
With the rapidly approaching end of the year just around the corner, our near future promises big changes in the field of video gaming. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are boasting a variety of huge hits that will keep gamers busy for many hours. But what about the gamer who doesn’t have 400 to 500 bucks to slap down on a new system? There are literally many hundreds of titles that the older systems still have available and I’m going to show you a few tips to stretching that video gaming dollar so that you too can enjoy the system you have now.

Video Gaming: Easy Tips On How To Save Money, When You Buy Video Games

1) Take advantage of some of the PS and Xbox sales they are offering on their sites. For a PS3 owner most of the good deals come from being a PlayStation plus member. For Xbox 360 fans, you can enjoy a few free or vastly discounted games each month until the end of December by having an existing Xbox live account.

2) If you don’t need the new version of some game, just wait. I waited for Mass Effect 3 to be out for about 11 months and got it for $8.00. Some titles are not that long of a wait before they drop their prices significantly. Halo 4 dropped down from $60 to $40 in just a couple months. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to video gaming.

3) One of the most important video gaming tips, and I think we all use this one, is to buy USED. Most large retailers that specialize in software offer a large variety of used games. GameStop is one of the biggest that I know of and they will guarantee that the game will work in your system or your money back. You don’t have to worry that your recent purchase will be of no better use to you than a coaster when you get home.

4) Don’t give up on your PS3 and your Xbox 360 yet. These companies are still having new games developed for them. They are not obsolete yet. One of the biggest releases by Activision next year, Destiny, will be available on PS3, PS4,Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

5) Don’t forget to keep in touch with friends or family members who have the same console as you. Borrowing or trading is a great way to enjoy a title that you may have not played yet. Saves a lot of money if you can find a small group that will share with you.

6) Some games really aren’t worth the cheap price of the disc they are loaded on to. Try to download a demo or rent from your local video store or redbox kiosk. This way you wont wind up with a miserable experience of buying a game with great expectations, and then finding out later it was a dud.

7) For those of you with little kids that find your $60 copy of Halo 4 made a really fun Frisbee, check out your local video store like Family Video, for a resurfacing machine. More than once, I’ve been able to bring back a dead game with a little bit of polishing in these machine. Its usually about 2 to 3 dollars for the service, but much more to replace with new.

8) For those of you who have played a game through and probably will not play it again, Sell it on EBay. You can get back a few bucks, usually not all your money, but some of your investment to get something else you like. Ebay is also a great place to buy used games.

There is truly a huge amount of video gaming out there. I haven’t even touched on the PC gaming world or even the very popular WII and WII U consoles. Maybe another older console is for you. They might have just the kind of games you like that the one you have now does not. We all can’t run out and get the new systems like some of us wish we could. But with a little research and being a little more wise with our video gaming choice making, we will be able to enjoy our current video game systems for years to come.

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