Stockings repair

Stockings Repair: Simple Tip To Fix Stockings Snags From Getting Big!

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Stockings repair

Ever been out and get a snag in your stockings? They always start small then end up running all the way up the leg. Did you know there is a simple easy fix you can do to keep the small snag from turning into a big one? Well there is! It is so easy you can even do it on the go, no need to drop by the store for a new pair. Simply use the trick below to repair your own stockings.

DIY Easy Stockings Repair

All you need is some finger nail polish. Clear works best (as it is not as noticeable) but any color will work. You simply paint on the finger nail polish on to each end of the snag in your stockings. Then let dry. You can paint while you are still wearing them however if you do not want to get the polish on you or have them stick to your leg, I would take them off. Then put your hand in them at the spot of the snag in the stockings, spread your fingers so they are not touching the snag. Now paint it. Having your hand in there keeps them from sticking together. It only takes a few seconds to dry, so you will be on your way in no time. If it is a hole and not a run then paint all the way around the hole.

I normally try and keep a bottle of finger nail polish in my purse in a bag so I always have it with me. If you are a office work you could keep a bottle at your desk to have it when you need to repair your stockings.

So simple and easy fix to repair your stockings, right? Do you have any on the go fixes you use that you would like to share?

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