Nothing Special Recipes and Food Ideas: Turn A Drab Frozen Pizza Into A Tasty Lunch!

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Frozen Pizza To Tasty Pizza

Nothing Special Recipes and Food Ideas

Lots of people love pizza. but in this day and age, with money problems all over the place, pizza shops charge quite a bit for our cravings. We cant always go out and have fresh made. This particular recipe idea mixes both fresh and preprepared food items. Here is how to turn a drab frozen pizza in to a very tasty lunch!

1 Totino’s (or your favorite brand) frozen pizza
½ Red Pepper (chopped finely)
Sliced Pepperoni (Just a dozen or so thin slices)
1/4 Cup Shredded Cheese (it can be mozzerella or even cheddar)

Preheat oven to 450 Degrees
Place Frozen Pizza on pan
Top with extra cheese first. This will let the toppings cook good with the frozen crust.
Add peppers then pepperoni.

You can add any other topping you like on pizza, such as mushrooms, green peppers, onions etc. However I have made this pizza with these toppings here. Cook for about 15 minutes. You will see when the toppings are done.

This makes a pizza that normally sells for $1.39 and makes it a much better tasting meal or snack. Try it for yourself and see. Again you have still eaten at home without having to spend a lot of extra money on takeout.

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