Uncommon Uses for Tin Foil

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Uncommon Uses for Tin Foil

Uncommon Uses for Tin Foil

We all use tin foil to wrap around foods we’ve opened or things we’ve made to preserve them, but what else can we use this handy kitchen staple for? Check out our list of 11 uses for tin foil!

1. Protect your Pie Crusts. When you bake a pie, put tin foil around the crust, which tends to burn, so that your pie bakes evenly!

2. Cat toy. Roll up some tin foil into a ball and let your cat go to town with it! We have saved a LOT of money on cat toys by doing this – why pay for something when they’ll play with something you already have at home just as much??

3. Funnel. Shape your tin foil into a cone and use it as a funnel to get liquids into containers with narrow necks and openings!

4. Bottom of the oven. Take a sheet of tin foil and put it on the bottom of your oven to protect it from spills when you’re baking.

5. Protect your burners. If you have an electric oven, put tin foil under your burners to catch foods that spill. This will save you a LOT of time because you won’t have to clean off the plates under your burners.

6. Roasted corn. During grilling season, shuck corn on the cob, spread it with butter and then wrap it in tin foil and stick it on the grill! This is the BEST way to cook corn – it turns out so tender and delicious!

7. Scrub grill grates. If you don’t a grill brush, you can wad up tin foil and use it to scrub your grill grates!

8. Scare birds. Hang it in the window to scare birds away so they don’t fly into it! You can also hang it in your garden to scare crows away! The light reflection keeps the flying creatures at bay!

9. Clean jewelry. You can use tin foil along with a few other house hold items to make this jewelry cleaner.

10. Keep food hot. Serving rolls for a meal? Line your bread basket with tin foil before putting your rolls in to keep them hot!

11. In a pinch, it makes a great and unique wrapping paper for a gift.

What uses do you have for tin foil? I would love to hear them. Feel free to comment below!

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