Bird buddies clipped on pin holder and sticky notes

Clothespin Kid Craft Project – Bird Buddies

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Need a budget-friendly craft to do with the kiddos? You can make this super cute clothespin kid craft project for bird buddies. You most likely have most of the items on hand or have something to use as a substitution.
Bird buddies clipped on pin holder and sticky notes

Clothespin Kid Craft Project – Bird Buddies

These bird buddies turn out cute and you can even get creative with them to fit your style. They can also be handy too for holding things like notes, clipping papers together, chip clips and so much more.

While we did not turn these into magnets, it could be done super easy. Just glue a little magnet to the back of the pin when you are down. Let it dry then place it somewhere like on the fridge.

After you make this kid craft project, here are a few other easy crafts to try.

Bird Buddies Supplies
Supplies Needed:

  • Feathers (used red, yellow, green, blue)
  • Wooden Clothespins (one for each bird you want to make)
  • Craft Paint (used blue, red, yellow, green)
  • Craft Foam(for the beaks, used orange)
  • Scissors
  • Small Googly Eyes (two for each bird you make)
  • Small Craft Paintbrush
  • Glue Gun with Glue Stick (could also use craft glue or paste stick if you don’t mind waiting for it to dry)

Note: If you don’t have colored feathers and can’t make a trip to the store or have time to order some, here are some other ideas. You could use fuzzy yarn, leaves, cut paper with some fringes, plastic bag cut with fringes or anything else that could be made to look like feathers.

Painting a wood clothespin green

How To Make These Bird Buddies:

The first step you need to do is paint the clothespins with the color or colors you want. We made a few of them so did one of each color.

Set them aside and allow them to fully dry before you move to the next step.

After they are dry, you can glue two googly eyes to the clothespin. You want to put them side by side on the end of the pin that you would pinch to open.
Cut craft foam
Now cut a small triangle out of the craft foam. You will need one for each pin you do. These will be the birds beaks. If you don’t have craft foam, colored paper will work too.

Glue the triangle just below the eyes.
Glue feather to back of pin
The last step is to simply glue a feather or a few to the back of the clothespin (the opposite side of the pin from the eyes). What color feather you use is up to you, you don’t have to match the color of the pin with the color of the feather.

That is it! You know have some super cute bird buddies you can play with or use as you wish.
Bird Buddies clipped to pin holder one is holding a postit

Bird buddies from clothespins at top and bottom with text overlay in the middle

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