Coupon Stacking What It Is And How To Do it

Couponing 101: Coupon Stacking, What Is It? & Learn How To Stack Them!

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Coupon Stacking What It Is And How To Do it

Coupon Stacking What It Is And How To Do It

Are you new to couponing? I know there are a lot of new couponers out there that are just starting out on the coupon wagon. And then there are some who have just lost their way from getting overwhelmed. So I thought I would start a series that go back to the basics of couponing. The firs post in this series is going to be on Coupon Stacking, what it is and how you do it. So let dive in.

The whole idea of couponing is to save money. So I want to make sure you get the most out of your coupons. While using just one coupon on an item can save you a little stacking them can get you an even bigger savings!

So what is coupon stacking? Well it is exactly what it sound like. Stacking coupons is when you are able to you more than one coupon on one item. Now not all stores will allow this but there are a ton that you can stack coupons at in one way or another.

Lots of stores will allow you to use one manufacture coupon and one store coupon on a single item. A few of those stores are, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Price Chopper, Tops and I am sure there are a lot more. Rite Aid will actually allow you to stack 3 coupons on a single item. You can use one manufacture coupon, one Rite Aid Manufacturer coupon and one Rite Aid Valuable coupon. With all those you can also stack them with an Ibotta coupon and a SavingStar coupon such as buy $20 of this get $3 back. That is a possibility of using 5 coupons on one item!!! You can always check you local stores coupon policy to see if they allow coupon stacking.

So you might be asking if there is a way to stack coupons at stores like Walmart that do not allow coupon stacking? Well actually there is!! You can use manufactures coupons on the items you buy and then use coupon such as Ibotta for the same item. This allowed as Walmart does not have to handle the Ibotta part and it is submitted right through the Ibotta app.

What about if your store does not work with Ibotta? Well you can also try SavingStar. However you can only stack SavingStar coupons with a manufacture coupon if the SavingStar offer is like buy $20 of this and get $5 back. The do not allow you to stack manufacture coupons with just the regular SavingStar coupons like $1/1 cereal coupon.

Sometimes you might even be able to stack those savings with a rebate. As long as the coupon and or the rebate does not say that it can not be combined with another offer. It’s always worth checking out if you know of an available rebate.

I hope this helps you to better understand coupon stacking. If you have any questions remember I am here to help you. Happy coupon stacking and savings!

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