Frugality Fact Five New Uses for an Old Suitcase, Its Fun To Repurpose

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Frugality Fact: Five New Uses for an Old Suitcase

Fun Frugality Fact: Five New Uses for an Old Suitcase!

If you have ever scoured thrift stores, garage sales, or even your own basement, you may have come across old suitcases by the dozens. After seeing old and vintage suitcases piled up by the dozens at yard sales and thrift shops, one might start to wonder about a a functional use for them. Their hard sides and clunky size have made them less practical for travel over the years, but their fun colors and durability have made them perfect for plenty of other uses! If you happen to run across one for cheap or have one collecting dust in your garage or basement, check out these five new uses for an old suitcase!

Frugality Fact: Five New Uses for an Old Suitcase!

1. Use as Instant End Tables:
This is so easy to do and the end look is so charming. Find 3-4 suitcases in a variation of sizes. Start by putting the largest suitcase on the bottom and stack so the smallest is on the top. You can put double sided foam tape strips between layers to hold them in place if you wish. A small lamp or books can rest on the top. This has been done in home décor magazines, and now you can do it too.

2. Turn One Into a Pet Bed.
You have never seen such a cute dog bed in all of your life! Using a screwdriver remove the lid from the suitcase. Line the inside with a piece of foam cute to fit and some comfy pet bedding. Pets will love the coziness of this and it sure beats spending big bucks on a dog bed!

3. Use as Attractive Toy Storage.
Having some colorful suitcases stacked in the corner of the room are a quick fix when you need a place to stash toys. No one will know what secret your suitcases are holding when you just pop them open and fill them up!

4. Hide Your Stockpile.
Chances are if you follow my blog then you know frugality. Let’s face it. We are always looking for more space for our stockpiles. Suitcases are a great place to put those canned goods while still looking stylish on the outside! No one will ever know what they are holding, and you will be able to add to your stockpile as needed since you will have the additional space. Stylish space I might add!

4. Create an Instant Craft Closet.
Suitcases have lots of storage pockets on the inside so you can organize your craft supplies into them for easy portability. Take your suitcase to craft shows with you or out for a night crafting with friends. It will keep everything in place and be easy to throw in and out of your car.

5. Make a Homemade Chalkboard Sign
If you find a suitcase but don’t like the finish, give it a quick spray of spray on chalkboard paint. You can then write all over it and use it as a reusable sign. Post dinner menus, welcome messages, or just let kids doodle on it. It will travel easily and get use for a long, long time!

I even found a really cool use on Pinterest. They made a bathroom cabinet out of a old suitcase, now that is frugality! In any case, you can also use spray paint to the exterior of the suitcase to transform it into any color you desire. You can also fancy it up or personalize it with decoupage photos, scrapbook paper, old sheet music, or any other decorative elements you decide you want to use. The options are all yours and only limited by your creativity!

Suitcases are a great way to add some charm as well as functionality to your home. The best part is you can typically find these in your own home tucked away, or for less than $5.00 each at second hand stores and sales.

So start scouring for them and see what you can come up with! Sometimes you can even find cheap ones on eBay. If you want to share what ideas you came up with I would be happy to share them with the others readers.

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