Wraptastic Review & Giveaway!

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You might have seen The Wraptastic advertised. I know I had seen it before. Then I was asked to give it a try, and write a review about it. Well I have to say I was very disappointed in this product. I had such high hopes for it as it sounded like just the kind of tool I could use in my kitchen. First off I had a few different rolls in my kitchen already, foil and plastic wrap. None of them fit. One roll was to large and the other the tube hole was too small. When you do find a roll that fits it when you can get it to cut it does do a straight line across and does not tear however I kept having issues with it sticking together after pressing down on it to make the cut. I would have to pry it back apart.

Now I am not 100% positive that I don’t have a defective one. I am hoping that is the case. I know I was really looking forward to using this.


I always try to find the positive aspects of a product when I do a review. But I just felt that the purpose of a review is so you can know what to expect from a product. With all that being said it does have a super sharp blade on it so make sure if you are using one to be extra careful not to touch it. It is also made with heavy-duty plastic to, it looks to me that it could hold up for a long time.

Do you want to try one out your self for FREE? I will be adding a giveaway tomorrow. So make sure if you want a chance to try it out without having to buy it come back tomorrow and enter the giveaway. See ya soon!
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  1. I like that you just push it down to cut… I always have trouble cutting plastic wrap and tinfoil! They always tear or crinkle up… it’s so annoying!

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